Record a song in Odessa

Troitsky Sergey Vladimirovich
Experience: 15 years in sound engineering and on stage.
Specialization: Composer, arranger, sound designer, guitarist.
About Sergei: writes arrangements that get over 10 million views on YouTube. In 2006 he founded Freeze Production.
Works as a sound designer and guitarist for Orionix, Rain Drops, RockWell.
Works not only in the studio, but also at events. Can save the sound even in the worst conditions. Organizes online concerts with top sound quality.
Collaborated with Roman Skorobogatko (The Hardkiss), Sergey Lyubinsky (Revet Sound), Igor Rabinovich (Istok Records)
In RedNote: helps aspiring artists with portfolios. Writes and arranges the author's materials. Always in trend, knows how to make a song, even out of a draft in your voice recorder.
Милана & Виталий Гогунский "Здравствуй школа"

Милана - "Мальчишки"
Rain Drops - Linkin Park Tribute Show

RockWell coverband - PROMO 2020

К.О. - Жива


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