Vocal lessons in Odessa

the current queen of RedNote
Medvetska Valeria Andreevna
Experience: 10 years of personal vocal coaching.
About Valeria: has been studying music since the age of five and is not going to stop. She knew that she would teach even being a teenager, when she encountered a number of incompetent teachers in professional music schools. For the same reason, she decided not to get higher education, choosing teachers on her own. In 2011 she realized that adults have no place to creatively fulfill themselves and founded RedNote – a key project of her life. Students choose her for her serious and tough approach to teaching.
Specialization: Pop vocals (pop, soul, jazz, blues). Voice recovery after injuries. Working with phonasthenia (incomplete vocal fold closure). Working with content authoring, developing improvisational skills, preparing for admission to a university. In addition to the author's methodology, she works with the systems of Cheryl Porter and Gilbert Duprez.
Suitable for: people who are ready for self-improvement, both moral and physical.
Valeria Andreevna taught them to sing
teacher and old man
Pedko Vladislav Alexandrovich
Experience: 7 years of personal vocal coaching, 4 years of playing in commercial cover bands.
About Vlad: has been studying music since he was 6 years old, got a profile in two classes: piano and classical guitar. He started his career in commercial cover bands, then he accidentally got into teaching. The students liked him so much that he decided to continue evolving in this field as the main one. Students appreciate his brevity and calm correction work.
Specialization: Pop vocals (rock, metal, k-pop, alternative). Guitar (acoustics, electro). Working with small forms (duets, trios, etc.). Improves bad ear for music and timekeeping. Voice parts analysis of any complexity. Perfect pitch, teaches to play music by ear.
Suitable for: those who do not like to rush and prefer detailed and thorough studying.
Vladislav Alexandrovich taught them to sing
the future queen of RedNote
Pavlov Andrey Stanislavovich
Experience: 3 years of personal vocal coaching.
About Andrey: discovered the world of music at the age of 17 and realized that it's the only thing he wanted to do. He worked his way from zero to a professional without a classical music education, so he knows perfectly how to communicate with those who are "too old". Player-coach. Students love him for his openness and support for any creative thought, even the most absurd ones :)
Specialization: Pop vocals (pop, rock, alternative, musical). Mixed, high voice, falsetto strengthening. Range disclosure. Splitting techniques (drive, growl, etc.). Work with voice strengthening. Work with beginners. Students feel comfortable with him from the very first lesson.
Suitable for: beginners and those who are struggling with increasing voice power.
Andrey Stanislavovich taught them to sing
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